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You're Hired! The Apprentice is more than just a television show, it's well -- nothing personal, just business.

What can we learn from the Apprentice? Is it just TV or is there some reality in it as well? I believe that it is a game, and also serious business. It also requires a rare blend of team strategy, while attempting to be a cut-throat leader. I enjoy the Apprentice and am a "Donald" fan. However at times I might be critical of "The Donald" in this Blog.

And I know many of you enjoy the show as well. So read along - add your comments and let's see if we can figure out who will be "fired" - and who will be "hired" as the Apprentice!

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Thursday, February 16, 2006
Apprentice Views - We Have a New Home

Apprentice Views, the blog has moved prior to Season V. Now, for Season 6, Los Angelas moves to a new day (Sunday). Enjoy season 6 with Apprentice Views, the home of the Apprentice Live Blog (tm) and the Power Ratings.

And you can still visit this blog site for Apprentice Seasons 1-4 recaps.

Please add as a link to your blog and as one of your browser favorites.

Click here to be re-directed to the Apprentice blog for Apprentice Season #6

Posted at 08:05 pm by sph001

Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Apprentice V - begins Feb 27

Here we go again, season #5 kicks off on Monday; Feb. 27 9PM - this time with an international flair.

Once again, ApprenticeViews will be along for the ride. And because The Donald has moved to Monday's - we at ApprenticeViews felt like we should move also. Watch for a new domain and new look for the Apprenticeviews. Coming soon!

Posted at 01:20 pm by sph001

Thursday, January 26, 2006
Google ZeitGeist features The Donald

The data rich folks at Google released their 2005 Zeitgeist, and who is one of the featured celebrity search idols? Our own Donald (ok and Martha also).

You’re Fired (and Hired)
It wasn’t a good thing for Martha when she headed off to federal prison in 2004 for a five-month sentence, but by the time she got out in March, her trouble was over. Meanwhile, The Donald continued enjoying his own renaissance as his reality show continued. And once free, Martha started her search for an apprentice.


View the full Google Zeitgeist report.


Posted at 09:29 pm by sph001

Friday, December 16, 2005
Apprentice in the news

I was curious on how Yahoo! would depict the Apprentice on their site. Interestingly enough, this news was not on their main page (hmmm wonder why). Instead you had to click down into More Entertainment news.

Then while reading the article, it stated:

"Jarvis, on the other hand, ran a comedy benefit for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, though, perhaps to her detriment, chose not to directly appeal for donations during the event. "

HUH?  Jarvis' choice? Ahh well it is Yahoo's website and they did pay $100K, so I guess they can re-write the show.

Read the fill article at Yahoo Entertainment.

Posted at 03:33 pm by sph001

The morning after

Rebecca was on the Today show and reported that she had received a contractual job offer from Yahoo. They really are trying to clean up that blackeye.

And she also said she would have asked Da Donald to share the winners circle with Randal. I believe her. However, controversial as it may be, Randal showed strength as a leader by making a firm (maybe unpopular) decision. However, he stated his decision poorly and it reflects bad on him. He should have denied Rebecca in a very gracious manner but seemed to put her down. He lacks Rebecca's poise.

I bet that in the long run, Rebecca will do much better than Randal. And wouldn't it be a coup if Don offered Rebecca a position in one of his companies?

I sent my donation - did you Yahoo?     Stephen

Posted at 09:22 am by sph001

Thursday, December 15, 2005
Yahoo and donations - my final rant!

OK I have to get this off my chest as I climb upon the virtual soap box:

I realized after the Trump's Apprentice ended that no one that attended the Yahoo party contributed even a penny. There was many weeks or months between the event and the finale and none of - as Yahoo stated Big spenders - even contributed a dime. That is shameful. Shameful!

Hopefully those that attended this Yahoo event as carried on National TV now reach into their pockets and make a donation. Do it Now!

The Yahoo exec at the finale had to make a donation on live tv. I am sure it was a decision made once he heard that no one contributed. I am glad he stepped up. I hope he gathers up the Yahoo execs that represented this event and teaches them something about giving back and humility. What makes these execs so high and mighty. If it was me, I would be all about the charity. What better way to enhance the Yahoo (or any brand) name. Fancy drinks and blinking ice cubes is very shallow. BUT to say that this nights event is both a thank you for your business and an awareness of a noble cause - that is classy!  AND c'mon Yahoo, you know you were going to be on national TV on a very well rated show. STUPID and short sided. OK I am going to say it,,,  damn it  FIRE those execs for thier stupidity and short sidedness. Such a dumb egotistical way to be...  argghhhhh.

So it is my hope that the Yahoo execs on the show (from their severance checks) and those in attendance all reach into their pockets and make a donation. Do  it now cause it is the right thing for you to do - better late than never. I just wrote my check!!! Yes I did.

To make a donation:

ok off the soap box I go...  g'night and happy holidays to y'all ... and to all.. a good night..  Hi Ho Silver away... er  Blitzen   er Rudolph  ok James... floor it!


Posted at 11:26 pm by sph001

Someone will be HIRED!

It's 9PM, do you know who will be the Apprentice?

After 5 years, I still like the theme song...

Randal seems defeated, as does Rebecca - how could this not be scripted? Randal's oversight is sloppy. It was brought to his attention early on - what to do if it rains. He said it won't. He lost that bet.

Randal saying "we" didn't have a plan B --  no, he didn't have the plan.

Rebecca seems slightly lifted by their Improv comedian. This cannot put Joe Piscopo in a good light - how could it? It's a charity event and he bags it! Shame on Joe!

What should Randal have done? Plan for one of those large tents that could be placed on the field area to accomodate the celebs and general admission. The program would then be announced as rain or shine. Weather is un-predictable and this is something he should have taken into consideration.

As for Rebecca, she could not have predicted that her headliner would bag out (shame on you Joe Piscopo) - so it is how she reacts to "change" that will determine if she can be the Apprentice. I wonder if she could have tapped into a talent agency for a top-name or worked a deal with Joe.  I think she did well - responded well.

Aye Aye Aye Toral?


The suspense continues. Rebecca did seem to miss the point a lil - it is way to Yahoo. Even the Yahoo! folks must understand the importance of the charity event. The Charity Foundation should have had much better presentation.

And Randal comes across professional in greeting and informing Da Trump.

Oh those wacky editors!


Randal's speech was strong, he is a very good presentor. Wouldnt it have been classy if Trump, while at the microphone, handed over a real check donation! He missed a great opportunity.


I feel uncomfortable about Yahoo and this event. I think they may have hurt Rebecca in their stance of requiring the passive donations. Why would they do this? Why couldn't Yahoo step up to and be aggresive for a good cause. Shame!

I am surprised how bad this looks for both Joe and Yahoo - and yet on Randal's side, people stepped up! Could Rebecca have implored that Yahoo take a step back in favor of the charity? Did she lose control to Yahoo on this task?

Side note - it was good to see teams that worked hard for their leaders, unlike prior shows. This is a positive change to the Apprentice format.


I think the cards are stacked against Rebecca. Was this planned? I think it was wrong for Trump to take over and move people downstairs early. Rebecca clearly said that the cocktails ran till 7pm. Trump messed up the schedule and blames Rebecca for being disorganized. Wow, lots of shames being handed out and they are all heaped on Rebecca.


Hire both of them... I know he won't but both as a team are so very strong. Individually they are not as strong. Randal came into this finale weaker, but came out looking strong. Rebecca got handed some raw cards, include by Trump himself.

Yahoo hurt Rebecca most of all.


Friends at breakfast - and now the swords come out. No choice, it is down to two. But either way, I respect both and know they both we'll do very well in their future!


Yea Donald - I am glad you took that shot directly at Yahoo!  He is right, Yahoo was selfish (SELFISH!). Yes Rebecca should have showed some backbone. But it was Yahoo!'s party.

Randal did mess up on the Plan "B".


What a great boardroom!


Stuck with two stars...   does he hire the both????


Trump - oh c'mon  about the greeting. He just showed up. Trump has it out for Rebecca. Yahoo and Trump crushed them.

Randal made errors, but Rebecca got bad cards. If you placed this on a scorecard, you could break even between them. Randal should have had a plan "B" - and Rebecca was forced down by Yahoo.

They both did things right - is this a set-up for both?

Yahoo better write a check for $12K+!

Trump is so on Toral...   why does he have to embarase her on National TV.

No diplomacy Alla Wartenberg ...   low class. Even Da Donald saw that. Why don't these people realize they are "on" everytime the camera is on them.

Yahoo splits $100K between both charities- guilt money!!! Does theYahoo chief go back to his subordinates and rip them. I would! The Yahoo reps were very very wrong and it cost Yahoo $100K to make amends plus some national TV embarrasement on LIVE TV.

Ok here is comes - the answer. It really is a toss up. There have been strong points for both. Leaders have to make hard decisions, and this one is not easy. If I was asked, I would pick Rebecca. Randal has made a few errors (the wrong radio frequency number and the lack of a plan "B"). It will be close.

If Rebecca wins, she has to dedicate this to the Islanders...

Randal wins...   It was that close....     well, ok I don't blame Rndall for not being inclusive. Trump showed a moment of weakness and was looking for an excuse to hire both. Emotionally I would have loved to see Randall to say yes - but he made the hard decision FOR Donald. It was the hardest and biggest decision he could make. Randal is a leader - and ... yes I am impressed with his answer at the end. It is the hard decisions that make the leader.

This was a close one and Rebecca should hold her head high and know she will be VERY successful. I think Rebecca' strength under pressure would have been better for Trump. I'd like to know what made Trump decide on Randal over Rebecca. However, he could NOT make a mistake by selected either.

I wasnt a big fan of this years candidates and show, but the ending was very good and very tight. Congratulations Rebecca and Randal !!!   

Until next year, in Sourthern California - Happy Holidays to one and all!!

stephen harris

Posted at 08:59 pm by sph001

Tonight is the night...

I like the finalists tonight. They both showed great strength and character during this unique interview process. Early on Randal showed he was Apprentice material, but seemed to have slipped a few key times. Sloppy and lazy on some occasions. Yet at times cunning and aggresive. 

Rebecca has shown strength and character - more so after her injury. One wonders if her injury on the ice made her a stronger player.

In the end, both "R"'s were the clear winners coming into the finals. And now... on to the finale.  And the news is that the 6th season of the Apprentice will happen - this time with Southern Califormia (my birthplace) as the backdrop.

Posted at 08:20 pm by sph001

Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Final Two - Rain & Unions will decide?

Well last week your humble blogger was at a nice holiday party and was unable to see the most important episode of the year. Having seen a recap, and knowing that the editors are sneaky, I predict with great certainty that the winner will be the one whose name begins with "R".

Ok that was lame. Truth is - I will bet that Rebecca pulls this one off. It will be close, both candidates are at the top of their game. I liked how Rebecca hired an agency to take care of the details. That is wise; outsource to the experts. And Randal not preparing for rain may wash him out.

Tomorrow will be a semi-live season finale blog. Stay tuned, where someone is going to be.... hired!

Posted at 12:39 pm by sph001

Thursday, December 01, 2005
Final Four - now it gets real

Power rankings:

What do you think?  Only one male survivor...   and looking back, who was memorable? Not many "branded" players this year...

Does it matter who is PM at this stage? In previous years, this was the interview round.

Ok this one isn't easy to call - at least for me.  Having the live action (Randall/Rebecca) is a plus - telling a story. Alla/Felisha's more graphic based program is factual, less emotional. It will come down to what the Microsoft people (no last names please) think...      I bet they go with the less-emotional Alla version.  and thus messes up the Power Rankings - and sends Rebecca home.

I hope not...

After viewing the video's OK - my power ranking lives on!!! 

Randal/Rebecca' presentation and dress was better! Even their posture spoke confidence. They spoke winner. Sorry that I thought otherwise - the show's editing didn't show the full breadth of both teams work.

Nice touch with Randal's wife & Rebecca BF...  

I honestly think Trump should fire both Alla and Felisha. Felisha is weak, however it was Alla' brainstorm that was ultimately presented. I am sure Felisha will be to weak to bring Alla down. Neither will be in the final two.

Alla is not your friend - and isn't now.

OHH YEA, did I call this one!!  Yes yes       !!  this is a good final two.     Trump coming into the suite - that should be a shock....      It'sssss Donnnnalllld...   :)

Posted at 09:04 pm by sph001

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